Ruby Slippers Travel Tin Soy Candle 4 oz.
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Ruby Slippers Travel Tin Soy Candle 4 oz.

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Because two women fighting over shoes is the ultimate chick flick, we felt that Ruby Slippers should be a girly, flowery and sweet scent...totally feminine yet iwith undertones of snark and bad-assery...because only in Oz would it be ok for a girl to travel to a strange land and murder someone...then meet up with three other people to murder more...but in Oz...Dorothy was the ultimate cool-chick.

Top Notes: Fresh raspberry, crisp Bergamot, and Mimosa flower
Middle Notes: Lilac Blossoms, starry Jasmine, and Heliotrope
Bottom Notes: Rose Petals, spicy Carnation, and hints of French Vanilla Bean

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