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Frasier Fir Handcrafted Potpourri

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The Scent:

Fresh. Festive. Welcoming.

Frasier Fir is an incredibly true-to-life Christmas Tree scent, while also able to stand on it's own all winter long. Straight up Fir, Balsam, and Cedar are the woodsy base of this scent, mellowed a bit with oakmoss and amber. Notes of citrus are what makes this scent stand out into a more modern and sophisticated tree scent. Whether you're in the mood for a quiet evening curled up on the couch or in the midst of holiday festivities...you can't go wrong with this one.

The Blend:

Frasier Fir is one of our rosehip blends. Our base of cinnamon sticks, rosehips and pods are blended with woodsy evergreen cones and preserved cedar tips. Accented with cedar roses, Frasier Fir is great for fall, holiday and winter decor and bowl fillers.

Our potpourri blends are minimally packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable take out/gift boxes.

Size Specs:

Small Box: 3-4 cups = 2 jumbo wine glasses
Medium Box: 6-7 cups = the skull of your enemy
Large Box: 9-10 cups = large top hat
X-Large Box: 12-13 = limits of your imagination