Apple Ginger Crust Handcrafted Potpourri
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Apple Ginger Crust Handcrafted Potpourri

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We love this spicy scent for year round. Apple Pie fragrances are always popular for fall and winter month.  The emphasis on the fresh ginger and warm sugary crust with a dash of citrus make this scent far more sophisticated and complex than just another apple pie. It proclaims you ARE the ultimate apple pie connoisseur.

This blend is especially suitable for simmering potpourri.

Top: sparkling orange, red apple
Middle: juicy pear, ground ginger
Bottom: graham cracker, warm sugar

Size Specs:

Small Box: 3-4 cups = quart jar/2 jumbo wine glasses
Medium Box: 6-7 cups = the skull of your enemy
Large Box: 9-10 cups = large top hat
X-Large Box: 12-13 = limits of your imagination