Wood Stove Handcrafted Potpourri
Wood Stove Handcrafted Potpourri
Wood Stove Handcrafted Potpourri
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Wood Stove Handcrafted Potpourri

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The Scent:

Toasty. Snug. Woodsy.

This scent is made for a basket by the fireside, or to create the illusion of one. This scent is reminiscent of an authentic wood-burning fireplace, with smoky logs and burning embers with undertones of cedar, pine, and balsam. This is a great memory-making and sentimental scent to us, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The Blend:

This is an chunky blend, full of larger cones and pods, cedar, and accented with homey-looking Quince slices.

Our potpourri blends are minimally packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable take out/gift boxes.

Size Specs:

Small Box: 3-4 cups = 2 jumbo wine glasses
Medium Box: 6-7 cups = the skull of your enemy
Large Box: 9-10 cups = large top hat
X-Large Box: 12-13 = limits of your imagination

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